Just recently, HTC announced that they will be launching the brand new HTC VR Vive Pro headset later this year. Here is more information about these virtual reality headset!

HTC Vive Pro: That’s the new VR headset

Not messing arround – HTC’s Vive Pro offers a resolution of a whopping 2880×1600 pixels. For comparison, the predecessor offered 2180×1200 pixels, so the pro has around 78% more pixels. And not only that: also comes with HTC a so-called wireless adapter. It disconnects the Vive Pro from the PC to which the VR headset is connected, thus ensuring unrestricted freedom of movement. The Vive Pro also has built-in speakers and should be lighter than its predecessor.

HTC Vive Pro: It’s coming later this year!

The HTC Vive Pro will be available to buy later this year. The cost of HTC Vive Pro has not yet been announced.

htc vive pro vr
htc vive pro vr

HTC Vive Pro: Conclusion

The Vive Pro is the logical further development of the Vive VR headsets. Colors and contrast have increased significantly, in addition comes the gigantic resolution, which trumps even the Galaxy S8. Too bad: The field of vision has not increased significantly and still the Vive feels clumsy and sits heavy on the head.


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