It’s been a while since inXile went in radio silence mode for Wasteland 3. That ended yesterday with the 28th official update posted on Fig (the platform where Wasteland 3 was crowdfunded), where the developers revealed there’s still a ‘megaton’ of work left to do. Nonetheless, actual development updates (hopefully a gameplay trailer) will be shared during next month’s E3 2019.

On a positive note, inXile confirmed there won’t be any store exclusivity, which is good news given that another game funded on Fig (The Outer Wilds) recently went with an Epic Games Store timed exclusive deal. Then again, inXile doesn’t exactly need those kinds of deals anymore after being acquired by Microsoft.

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It’s been a while since our last update, and that’s because we’ve been hard at work on Wasteland 3, and getting a lot of the core pieces of the game in place. As we’ve said before, the game is effectively playable from start to finish—but there’s still a megaton of work left to go. Sure, you can complete quests and navigate most of the areas, but this is the most time-intensive stretch of the project. We have the bones—the skeleton is there—but it’s filling it with all the sinew, cartilage, and guts that really make the Wasteland experience what it is. Things are really shaping up, but the most critical work is just getting started. We’ve been hiring and growing the company, as well as putting a lot of the new Microsoft development resources to good use, and that’s going to help us be able to make Wasteland 3 even bigger and better.

We’ll have development updates to share during E3, so look forward to our next update with more specifics then. Thank you for your patience as we continue development and work toward more consistent backer updates. To restate it again: we’re committed to our backer promises, and you can expect the Steam and GOG versions of the game on launch day. No store exclusivity.

We’re looking forward to sharing more with you during E3!