Today’s a really, really nice way to buy a PlayStation console. But not any PlayStation console, but the PlayStation Classic.

Sony launched the PlayStation Classic to commemorate the original console which was launched back in December of 1994. It was a solid piece of hardware, the game lineup went from strength to strength even after the PlayStation 2 was launched. However, those days are long gone and if you want to experience the original PlayStation, then you need to shell out $60.

Not today.

For a limited time only, Sony is offering the PlayStation Classic console for an amazingly low price of just $24.99. The console comes with 20 pre-loaded games, and features a small design that is powered by Micro USB and has an HDMI output. That’s not all – you even get two wired PlayStation controllers right inside the box for some epic split screen action.

Which games do you get with the package? Have a look at the image below:

playstation classic

In our honest opinion, we believe that the PlayStation Classic deal is as good as it gets. Sure, you miss out on a lot of great titles, but you do get to experience some of the best classics that cemented the position of the PlayStation console in the hearts and minds of gamers around the world.

Head over to the link below and pick up the console for yourself, or a loved one.

Buy PlayStation Classic by Sony – Was $60, now just $24.99