We’ll quickly walk you through the process on how to download and install iOS 13 beta 7 or iPadOS 13 beta 7 without a developer account.

You know how it is. Apple releases a brand new beta, developers get to download it right away while public beta testers have to wait at least 24 hours to get their hands on the newly released hotness. However, if you have the developer-centric beta already installed then you can experience the new changes same time the developers do. Obviously, in order to download the developer version of iOS 13 beta 7 or iPadOS 13 beta 7, you need a paid developer account with Apple. But, if you download the iOS configuration profile then you don’t need to part ways with $99 at all.

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So, in order to get started, just make sure you have backed up everything to iCloud or iTunes, then download this profile straight onto your iPhone or iPad. Once done, you will be asked to restart your phone or tablet after which you can download the iOS 13 beta 7 or iPadOS 13 beta 7 OTA update by going to Settings > General > Software Update. It’s as simple as that.

Though personally I would not recommend taking this route, but if you really, really want to try out iOS 13 beta 7 or iPadOS 13 beta 7 right now without waiting for the public beta to arrive then this is your golden ticket, nothing else. Still, we’re certain most of you can wait 24 hours for the public beta of the software to arrive.

Or not?

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