Here’s how you can download iOS 13.1 beta right now without a developer account on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.

We’re still surprised at the fact that Apple has released iOS 13.1 beta for developers when the final version of iOS 13 isn’t out yet. However, this is still exciting news as it gives us a glimpse of Apple’s software update.

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However, if you want to test out and download iOS 13.1 beta then you must be a registered developer with Apple. If you’re not then you are out of luck. You know that isn’t true if you’re our reader, right?

Right now, if you grab hold of Apple’s configuration profile, which is linked below, you can simply download iOS 13.1 beta on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch over the air. But before you do that, we highly recommend that you backup everything to iTunes or iCloud. If something goes wrong and you are forced to downgrade back to iOS 12, then things aren’t going to look good at all on the data front. So please, take the time out, at least half an hour of it, to back everything up to a safe and secure location. Once done, carry on reading forward.

1. Download this configuration profile onto your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.

2. Once the profile is installed, you will be required to restart your phone or tablet.

3. As you boot back up, connect to a WiFi network then navigate to Settings > General > Software Update in order to download iOS 13.1 beta.

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4. If you followed everything carefully then you will be running iOS 13.1 beta in no time.

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