Sony and Kojima productions have dropped a new cinematic trailer for Death Stranding. It’s only about a minute long, but intriguing nonetheless. As we’ve established by now, Death Stranding will be about Sam Bridges (Norman Reedus) reconnecting a fractured near-future America by creating new “stands” between isolated citizens, mainly by delivering stuff for them. The trailer shows Sam making just such a delivery.

We see Sam being pursued by the yellow hazmat-suited enemies that patrol the world. To get them off his back, he deploys a cool-looking gun that shoots a high-tech bola that can tie up bad guys. We also see Sam approach a voidout, one of the ominous craters formed when BTs consume humans. The end of the trailer appears to show a giant BT emerging from a voidout. Check out the trailer for yourself, below.

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Need to see more? You can check out six minutes of Death Stranding gameplay from Gamescom here, and a whopping 50 minutes from Tokyo Game Show, right here. As we previously reported, this is the game’s basic setup and structure:

Death Stranding takes place in a future America that’s more divided than ever thanks to a series of deadly terrorist strikes. In an effort to try to bring the fractured country together the president’s daughter Amelie (played by Lindsay Wagner) attempted a cross-country journey in order to reconnect a series of communication relays and spread a message of unity. Unfortunately, Amelie didn’t quite make it to her destination, as she was captured by a terrorist group, Homo Demens, and their leader the “Man in the Golden Mask” (Troy Baker) in the West Coast settlement of Edge Knot City.

As Norman Reedus’ character Sam Bridges it’s up to you to follow Amelie’s path, walking from East to West across America, reactivating communication nodes and contacting various isolated “Preppers” along the way. The necklace we’ve seen around Sam’s neck is a Q-PIP, basically a series of keys used to unlock Cryon communication terminals. Unlock enough terminals in an area and it will create a strand connecting that area to other areas. A detailed map will track how much of each area you’ve marked and the connections you’ve made with NPCs.

Death Stranding strides onto PS4 on November 8.