Apple today announced the 2020 iPhone SE which is equipped with the latest A13 processor, the same chip that is powering the iPhone 11 Pro. The new handset is priced at $399 and comes in three new color options – Red, White, and Black. Apart from that, Apple has also released three silicone and leather cases for the smartphone that you can buy.

Apple Releases Silicone and Leather Cases for the new 2020 iPhone SE, Starts at $35

The new iPhone SE leather cases are available in three colors: Black, Midnight Blue, and PRODUCT(RED). If you’re up for it, you can order the leather cases right now and deliveries will begin starting April 17. The Leather cases are available at $45.

Apple Will Donate all Proceeds from (PRODUCT)RED iPhone SE to COVID-19 Global Fund

Other than the silicone cases, Apple has also released new Silicone cases for the 2020 iPhone SE which also comes in three color options: Pink Sand, White, and Black. You can order the Silicone cases right now and the deliveries will begin starting April 17. The Silicone cases for the iPhone SE are available at $35.

iPhone SE Cases

It’s surprising to see that Apple has made the leather cases available for the budget iPhone SE. This is a notable point because the company did not offer leather cases for the iPhone 11 or the iPhone XR. This limits the availability of the leather cases to the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Also, do take note that if you will be upgrading to the 2020 iPhone SE from iPhone 8, your existing cases will fit the new model as well. This will save you some extra bucks if you’re not willing to invest in a case as of now. The iPhone SE is priced at $399 and since it boasts the A13 Bionic, it might be really enticing for some people to get it. More importantly, Apple has discontinued the iPhone 8.

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