Now that we’ve seen what Apple’s 5nm M1 chip is capable of, we’re obviously excited for what comes next. Of course, this would include a future Mac Pro, and according to a previous report, it will sport a size that’s half of the current-generation workstation sold on Apple’s website. This only means future buyers won’t have to lug around a heavy computer, and these concept images may reveal what kind of surprise we’re in for.

New Apple Silicon Mac Pro Could Sport a 32-Core Custom Silicon to Take on Intel’s Workstation Processors

A few Apple Silicon Mac Pro images have been shared by Apple Tomorrow in collaboration with Jioriku, showing how small the upcoming workstation will be when placed next to the Pro Display XDR. For reference, we’ve also included Apple’s current-generation workstation fueled by Intel processors and AMD GPUs placed next to the same display to show you how tiny the new systems look in the latest concepts.

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Of course, if the actual retail units are going to flaunt this size, it’s likely due to a future custom silicon’s power efficiency. It’s not confirmed what this chipset will be called, but a previous report talked about an Apple Silicon for a new, redesigned iMac, and it would be called the A14T. It’s expected to be made using TSMC’s advanced 5nm node, with Apple also working to bring a custom graphics processor to be a part of the same circuit board.

Current-generation Mac Pro next to the Pro Display XDR

While we’re not sure how many cores it will tout, Apple is said to be developing a 32-core part, which we believe will be running in the Mac Pro. Despite the high core count, the Mac Pro will likely be able to dissipate the heat effectively thanks to a new Apple Silicon’s efficiency, which will also be the reason why the company can afford to drastically reduce its size and weight compared to the current workstation.

Unfortunately, there’s no follow-up news on the Apple Silicon Mac Pro launch in a higher frequency than we’d like, so we believe the new machine will release in 2022 instead of 2021. We’ll keep you updated on the latest info, but for now, let us know what you think of the latest images down in the comments.

News Source: Apple Tomorrow