It’s been a while since we heard anything about the Fable reboot. Rumored ever since 2018 to be in development at Playground Games, the project was formally confirmed at the Xbox Games Showcase 2020 last July.

Not much is known about the Fable reboot, other than it’s being developed for both Windows 10 PC and Xbox Series S|X and that it’ll be available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers on day one, just like all first-party Microsoft titles.

Original Fable Creators Would Love To Do A Fable Reboot; Ex-Lionhead Devs Pitch In

However, a new Software Engineer job listing posted a few hours ago by Turn 10 on LinkedIn does reveal that the game is being made with the ForzaTech engine. As far as we know, Turn 10 isn’t contributing to the project directly, but they do share the ForzaTech engine with Playground Games, and the blurb below makes it clear that it’s being expanded precisely to accommodate the needs of the Fable reboot.

Do you want to have a major impact on 3 AAA titles in development across 2 beloved Xbox franchises? ForzaTech is the engine, tools, and pipelines that drive both the Forza Motorsport and Forza Horizon series of games. In addition to adding new features like raytracing to support the next console generation, we are also enriching the toolset to support an open world action RPG – Fable.

It makes sense, of course, as Playground is very familiar with the ForzaTech engine having worked on it for many years. On the other hand, it wouldn’t have been surprising to see the studio opt for a more general-purpose engine such as Epic’s Unreal.

Hopefully, we’ll learn more about the Fable reboot at E3 2021, where Microsoft is confirmed to make an appearance. Playground has hired a lot of talent to work on this high-profile project, including former developers with credits on Grand Theft Auto, Borderlands, Batman Arkham Ghost Recon, and The Division.