5 Best New Products For Your Home

CES 2021, the first online tech extravaganza in Las Vegas, marked a strong commitment by companies to create sustainable products. To distract from the pandemic with the help of computer games and streaming video, new laptops, and gadgets for efficient work from home is an understandable desire, but the “healthy home” trend is becoming no less popular.


Although the countdown for CES 2022 has already begun, lets step back, and see the best home gadgets that proved their relability over the year.

Among home robots and screens with super properties in 2021, it is gratifying to note an increase in the number of devices that mitigate the impact on the environment, even if it is simply a matter of reducing the consumption of water and energy. It is known that most technological inventions are not entirely eco-friendly. From electric vehicles to smartwatches, most require significant resources (from precious cobalt to packaging plastic). Therefore, it is doubly pleasant that manufacturers began to change the very approach to production. Here are some of the best home tech solutions.

Smart waste recycling device

Recycling will be much easier in the future. Lasso introduced the smart device, the first home appliance with feedback. The creator of the device, Aldous Hicks, a mechanical engineer and programmer, viewed recycling as a “problem of material deterioration.” He built Lasso to automatically recycle things like glass and plastic. You throw an object into a car, the machine analyzes it, and then, if it is recyclable, crushes it and prepares it for disposal. Steam cleans recyclables, sorts them, and grinds them quietly before placing them in the convenient storage compartments. All of your daily recycling is tracked through the Lasso app. Pre-orders are being accepted now, with deliveries expected to begin in fall 2022. Estimated cost $ 3,500.

Refrigerator disinfector

LG’s line of InstaView refrigerators has always had a glass window on the door. It lit up and showed what was inside when you knock on it. The South Korean company now has a couple of new gimmicks in its InstaView lineup. New additions include a door that opens with a voice command and a water dispenser that uses ultraviolet light to disinfect drinks. Both additional features make the refrigerator a premium product: they provide added security in the midst of a pandemic when germ-killing light and hands-free access to devices help the consumer feel more confident.

Smart vacuum cleaner

The newest robotic vacuum cleaners are pretty complex. For example, the Samsung JetBot 90 AI. This robotic floor cleaner is capable of self-cleaning the trash can, recognizing objects, and also serves as a home monitoring device (thanks to the built-in camera). The robot uses a sophisticated sensor system to navigate floors: it uses a laser lidar to study the environment. The hardware allows JetBot to identify objects it should avoid while vacuuming, from small telephone cables to large pieces of furniture, Samsung says.

Eco shower with sound system

Shower Power: The Hydropower Shower Speaker is a water-powered speaker that uses the energy from the shower jet to power the device and charge its internal battery. It connects to your devices via Bluetooth like a smartphone, so you can sing along to your playlists and listen to the morning news while you lather. The device launched on Kickstarter. It is made from recycled ocean plastic and is designed to work with any shower configuration. Using a hydroelectric generator, it generates 100% of its energy from water energy, storing it in its 2500mAh battery.

Eco-friendly light switches and energy management system

Light switches can be green, too: Energy company Schneider Electric has unveiled the Square D switch, which can be connected to a smartphone and become part of an energy management system. This way you can be sure that the house does not consume a lot of energy. Now all lamps and lanterns are connected to a smartphone app: they can even be controlled remotely and scheduled to be turned off and on. With these smart switches, you can also track how much energy the light is using and adjust your behavior accordingly. The company also unveiled a small Acti9 Active device that plugs into home wiring to prevent power outages. Through the home system, you can receive reminders and notifications on your phone.