AVerMedia DUALCAM: dual webcam for streamers

AVerMedia Technologies announces the release of a unique DUALCAM camera PW313D. The new model offers amazing shooting flexibility and high image quality for streamers, online content creators, and educators.

Two cameras, two points of view

The main difference between AVerMedia DUALCAM and most other webcams is that two cameras are combined in one body. One with a 2MP sensor, FullHD video resolution (aspect ratio 16: 9), and a diagonal viewing angle of 71 degrees. And the second one with a 5 MP sensor, a video resolution of 2592 × 1944 pixels (aspect ratio 4: 3), and a diagonal viewing angle of 76 degrees.

Both cameras are equipped with an autofocus system that keeps your subject sharp even in difficult lighting conditions. Also, the cameras use separate microphones with a noise reduction system and a range of confident voice pickup up to three meters.

Flexibility of use

As for the mount, AVerMedia DUALCAM uses a universal stand, which allows you to mount the camera on a monitor or place it directly on a table. There is also a metal tripod socket on the bottom of the stand, so, if necessary, the camera can be installed either on the supplied tripod or on any other store-bought tripod.

The camera module itself on a stand can only tilt from side to side but does not rotate to the right/left. However, this is partially offset by the ability to rotate the cameras up/down around their axis. So the cameras can be placed so that they will look at least in two opposite directions. This allows you to simultaneously film yourself and some other object like a table with experiments, a board with examples, a person sitting opposite from you, a keyboard and mouse on which you play, or whatever you are trying to demonstrate. The possibilities are endless.

With privacy in mind

AVerMedia places great emphasis on privacy. Therefore, the PW313D integrates two shutters that allow you to cover the camera lenses either separately or both together. So no one will be able to peep ahead of time what you are going to show.

More possibilities with CamEngine 4

Using AVerMedia DUALCAM becomes much more convenient with the free proprietary CamEngine 4 utility. This allows you not only correct colors, but also to flip video or switch autofocus modes. But also get access to advanced options. For example, you can mix video from two cameras, get a “picture in picture”, or correct the distortion of perspective, as if the shooting is not from the side, but directly above the object.

Also with CamEngine 4, you can set hotkeys to change shooting modes, activate effects, or switch between cameras.

Start of deliveries and price

AVerMedia DUALCAM is slated to hit the shelves early next year. The approximate price of the camera will set about $230. This also includes a USB-A to USB-C cable and a mini-tripod. So, for the given price, you can get yourself a great streaming camera for all your desires.