2020’s Resident Evil 3 Remake is one of those titles that would benefit greatly from ray tracing, and although the game doesn’t officially support the lighting rendering technique, ReShade ray tracing shaders can be used to enhance the game’s default lighting.

Upon the game’s release back in April of 2020, we already covered an impressive video, showcasing the popular remake with Pascal “Marty McFly” Gilcher’s RayTraced Global Illumination shader, and today we wanted to share another graphical showcase of the game running in 8K resolution on an NVIDIA RTX 3090 GPU.

Exoprimal New Details Will be Shared by Capcom Early This Summer

Courtesy of German YouTube channel ‘Digital Dreams’, this 8K graphical showcase has Resident Evil 3 Remake running on PC with the creator’s own custom Ray Tracing ReShade preset based on the above-mentioned ReShade shader from Marty McFly” Gilcher. As with most of the videos from Digital Dreams, the results are quite stunning, and we’re pretty sure that Resident Evil fans will appreciate this video. Check it out below:

Resident Evil 3 Remake is available now for PC and consoles. As reported last month, the game will be receiving a proper next-gen version for PS5 and Xbox Series X|S later this year. Both Resident Evil 2 Remake and Resident Evil 7: Biohazard will be receiving the same treatment.

Players who currently own these games on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, will be able to upgrade to the digital next-gen version at no additional cost. As also announced by Capcom, upgrade patches for all three games will also come to PC for free following the launch of the Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 versions.

“Players who own the physical edition of RE2, 3, and/or 7 can upgrade at no additional cost via PS4 to PS5 digital upgrade or Xbox Smart Delivery”, Capcom explained last month. “Please note that your console will need a disk drive to continue using the physical editions of these games.”

“Next-gen physical editions aren’t planned right now, but all three games will be available digitally on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. As noted above, PS4 and Xbox One discs, and all PS4 and Xbox One digital editions of the game, will also be eligible for an upgrade.”