Looking for a bunch of Lightning cables for cheap? You can grab five of them right now for a low price of just $6.79.

Get 5-Pack of 10-feet Long Lightning Cables for Just $6.79 Right Now

We tend to stick with the Lightning cable that comes with our iPhone and iPad, but that is a very risky thing to do. See, while it’s good to stay as minimal as possible, but losing or breaking the one and only cable can prove to be a huge bummer as it leaves you scrambling to replace it with a new one.

This is why you should invest in an ‘extra’ cable which you can take with you anywhere you go, toss one in the car or just keep it as a spare for the day you lose the original one. If that’s what you are looking for today, then you will be pleased to learn that you can grab a 5-pack of Lightning cables from Amazon for a low price of just $6.79. That is simply crazy, given how much Apple charges for a single cable alone.

While some packs tend to ship with cables of varying lengths but this one goes all out and offers 10-feet of length for all five cables. That extra length ensures that you are never tethered close to a wall and even if the charging point is far away, it shouldn’t really bother you one bit.

For times when there’s a charging port in the car’s console and you’re in the back seat, this cable is going to be a wonderful lifesaver.

Unlike Apple’s Lightning cable, this one’s durable, but like Apple’s cable this one is fully certified by the Cupertino company itself to function perfectly every single time you connect it to a wall charger. This means that it offers safe charging and there’s no imposter chip inside it that might scoop up your data.

Head over to the link below in order to get this cable pack for yourself. Remember, it’s a limited time deal only which can end without a notice.

Buy 5 Pack(10FT)[Apple MFi Certified]iPhone Charger Long Lightning Cable – Was $11.99, now just $6.79